Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance Practices

Good corporate governance system plays an important role in creating eminent business activities of the Company and achieving Telin vision to become a Global Digital Hub.

Telin is committed to implementing and consistently improving corporate governance system and quality based on principles and best practices.

Telin also continues to disseminate Good Corporate Governance principles (transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness) to every level of the organization. The aim is clear that a good corporate governance becomes the spirit of Telin daily operations, so GCG can be the main pillar that will sustain the growth and sustainability of the Company's business.

Telin applies Corporate Governance Code to ensure the Management of the Company runs professionally and independently, increasing value added to the customer, and ensure the achievement of the Company's goals and sustainability

[PDF] Telin Corporate Governance Code

Guidelines of distribution of duties and authority for Board of Directors in managing the Company, in accordance with the Articles of Association and applicable laws and regulations, while upholding the principle of prudence.

[PDF] Telin Board Charter

Telin in increasing ability to adapt the uncertainty in external environment need professional management by upholding the principles of good governance. The enforcing of good governance is by manifesting the behavior of employees, leaders and related parties to always adhere to business ethics code.

Ethics is the foundation or spirit believed by Telin in carrying out daily tasks. Both as employees through Working Ethics, as well as part of the Company through Business Ethics.

[PDF] Telin Business Ethics Policy

Telin applies the Good Governance for its Corporate operation that line with the business ethic in Indonesia and global. One of its realisation is to run the Gratification process in fair and normal boundaries to avoid any possible frauds not only could harm the Company but also its stakeholders. Gratification is part of Telin’s commitment to maintain a good relationship with all stakeholders.

[PDF] Telin Gratuity Control Policy

Telin applies a whistleblowng system to prevent, identify and detect the possibility of fraud and violations of applicable regulations. The whistleblower system is well prepared and will provide certainty protection to the witness or reporter for an indication of violations committed by employees or management. With the existence of the whistleblower system.

The Whistleblower System regulates types of violations that can be reported, complaints procedure & system, protection and guarantee of the confidentiality of the reporter, complaints handling, parties managing complaints, and the results of handling and follow-up complaints.

Terms and requirement: Must be written; Contains the identity of the reporter; Contains information that provides clues about the problem; Information must be supported by sufficient and reliable evidence.

[PDF] Telin Whistleblower System Policy

To actualize the commitment and determination, ("the Company") stipulate the Occupational Health and Safety Policy ("OHS Policy"), where the management of the Company will constantly improve the Company's performance th implementing Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) through continuous improvement consistently in settle internal and external issues through the followings:

  1. Set the first priority for Occupational Health and Safety ("OHS") aspects through providing safe and healthy working condition to prevent work-related injury and illness, in accordance with the goals and context of organization, and by giving attention to OHS risks and opportunities.
  2. Implement the OHSMS which being integrated with the applicable procedure and business process in the Company pursuant to strategic plan of the Company.
  3. Implement the OHS program through hazard identification and risk control, and identify the opportunities to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risk.
  4. Ensure the compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements related to OHS.
  5. Improve the competence and awareness of employees on OHS aspects.
  6. Develop and maintain commitment for OHS through consultation and participation of employees.
  7. Cultivate OHS in the Company's workplaces.

The President Director of the Company is on the top of management holding responsibility for OHS including the formulation, development and implementation of this OHS Policy in the Company's workplaces. For the implementation, it is required cooperative action and support by Directors, all officials and employees of the Company, including contractors and visitors. The President Director of the Company will ensure that the OHS policy is reviewed periodically and to ensure that it remains relevant and fit to the organization of the Company.

This OHS Policy will be communicated to all parties working for and under the control of the Company, and OHS Policy document will be made available to interested parties on request.

[PDF] Telin Occupational, Health & Safety Policy