Jimmi Adiguna Kembaren


Jimmi Adiguna Kembaren or being called Jimmi is the Commissioner of Telin.

As Commissioner, Jimmi supervises and provides advices regarding business strategy, law and compliance, corporate strategy, finance, and investment.

He joined Telin on May 20th 2020, pursuant to the the Decision of the Shareholders in the Notarial Deed of Shella Falianti SH No. 5 dated May 20, 2020.

Prior to joining Telin, Jimmi served as Lead Architect of AIA Singapore and Technical Director of The Edge Property Singapore. Jimmi was also served as Technical Director of Clozette Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Jimmi earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung in 2000. He also attended a Course of Securing Digital Democracy from University of Michigan, USA in 2004.