Our Capabilitites

World Hub Operation and Command Center (WHOCC)

Telin is committed to meeting the world's advanced telecommunications needs and ensuring excellence in delivery and service. To achieve this, we closely monitor all our assets through our infrastructure and service control center, known as the Telin World Hub Operation & Command Center (WHOCC). The WHOCC, located in Jakarta, provides 24/7 real-time fault handling and customer support for our global network.

Telin's World Hub Operation & Command Center (WHOCC) is integrated seamlessly with Telkom Group's operation centers in Jakarta, Singapore, Batam, Dumai, Surabaya, and Manado. Additionally, it collaborates closely with Telin's global partners.

We understand that running a unified business is your priority. At WHOCC, we strive to deliver the best telecommunication services to meet your and your customers' expectations, in alignment with our Corporate Philosophy of Always the Best.

To get in touch with our WHOCC officers, please contact us at +62 21 3810000.