01 December 2023

Telin Group Values Inclusive Environment and People’s Potential for Equal Opportunities As Part of Our ESG Program

Telin, through its subsidiary Telkomcel in Timor Leste, is promoting an inclusive workforce by hiring diverse team members. The company collaborated with Yayasan Ahisaun to offer people with disabilities the chance to work in the telecommunications sector. The hiring of two final candidates was announced on 30 November 2023, attended by the prime minister and Telin's CEO

16 November 2023

Telecom World Asia 2023: Digitisation Insights in Telecommunication Ecosystem

Telin attended the Telecoms World Asia 2023 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, where it discussed technological advancements, market trends, regulatory issues, and business strategies. CTO Akhmad Ludfy and CFRMO Doni Andriansyah discussed the digital divide and leveraging telecom infrastructure for a more inclusive future, focusing on strategic pillars.

28 November 2012

Telin Establishes Joint Cooperation with Global Transit

GT is telecommunication company under the Malaysian state law that have a headquartered at Kuala Lumpur. GT runs the telecommunication business including data centre for Malaysia’s domestic market and internasional market.

06 January 2013

Plasa GraPARI Now Available in Keswick Hong Kong

Plasa GraPARI located in 11 Keswick Street Causeway  Bay Hongkong, the function is not just a customer service, but also as one of the customers sociable place,” said Dian Rachmawan as CEO Telin HK.

21 January 2013

Minister of State Owned Entreprise and Prime Minister of East Timor Launches TELKOMCEL

With the operation of Telkomcel in East Timor, Dahlan Iskan asked Telkom to provide the best services. Because Telkom is not the only telecommunications services is in the earth Lorosae. There are one operator local which has been more first operate.

05 February 2013

Telkom Corporate University as one of Telkom’s Investment in Human Resources

As an effort to realize the CoE so on dated 28 september 2012 ago Telkom Corporate University was made with tagline “From Competence to Commerce”. Telkom CorpU use the methodology that related to learning and development and support busineeses. “Methodology that which distinguishes between Telkom CorpU at universities common in Indonesia