01 December 2023

Telin Group Values Inclusive Environment and People’s Potential for Equal Opportunities As Part of Our ESG Program

Telin, through its subsidiary Telkomcel in Timor Leste, is promoting an inclusive workforce by hiring diverse team members. The company collaborated with Yayasan Ahisaun to offer people with disabilities the chance to work in the telecommunications sector. The hiring of two final candidates was announced on 30 November 2023, attended by the prime minister and Telin's CEO

16 November 2023

Telecom World Asia 2023: Digitisation Insights in Telecommunication Ecosystem

Telin attended the Telecoms World Asia 2023 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, where it discussed technological advancements, market trends, regulatory issues, and business strategies. CTO Akhmad Ludfy and CFRMO Doni Andriansyah discussed the digital divide and leveraging telecom infrastructure for a more inclusive future, focusing on strategic pillars.

19 October 2023

Best Asia-Pacific Carrier Award Recognizes Telin's Dedication to Innovation and Customer Focus

Telin has been awarded the Best Asia-Pacific Carrier at the Global Carrier Awards 2023, recognizing its submarine cable systems, strategic partnerships with pioneers like NeuAPIX, SD-WAN, NeuTrafiX, and TNeX, and expansion efforts, hosted by Capacity Media. The award was presented at The O2 in London, UK, alongside Capacity Europe 2023.

05 October 2023

Depths Explored: A Telin Expert's Journey to Overcome Subsea Cable Installation Obstacles

The Submarine Cable Network 2023 event in Singapore attracted 800 expert leaders and 120 speakers. Telin's Group Head of Subsea Cable Development, Izani Karim, participated in a panel discussion on navigating challenges in submarine cable installation, focusing on partnerships, efficient operations, and cutting-edge technologies.

30 September 2023

Rest Assured, Telin Group Kept the Network and Infrastructure Secure during the Christmas and New Year Festive Season

TelkomGroup has launched Christmas and New Year 2023 (NARU) activities to ensure telecommunication infrastructure safety and optimal functioning. With 90 main posts and over 19,000 personnel, Telin has established 13 NARU posts worldwide. The event aims to increase revenue and promote a "spartan" work ethic among Teliners.

27 September 2023

Telin's Visionary Approach to Expanding Digital Connectivity

Telin, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, is expanding its global infrastructure to support Telkom Group's growth strategy and solidify Indonesia's position as a hub for digital connectivity.