13 July 2023

Telin Has Participated in CEO Breakfast Forum 2023, Driving Global Growth : Navigating the Path to Successful Export Promotion and Global Market Access

Telin's CFRMO, Doni Andriansyah, emphasized nurturing local talent within their global workforce at the CEO Breakfast Forum 2023. The event focused on discussing global growth strategies and complexities of cross-border hiring. Doni highlighted the significance of equivalent capabilities with global players for effective expansion, stressing the importance of standards comparable to global competitors in the context of varying marketing approaches.

06 July 2023

Kids Tour De Office 2023 : Showcase Exciting Experience of Teliners children to visit their Parents Workspace

Telin's "Kids Tour de Office 2023" provided children with a firsthand experience of their parents' workplace, fostering understanding and inspiration about office life. Through engaging activities like storytelling and interactive games, the event aimed to create a memorable and educational school holiday experience.

03 July 2023

Telin's Subsidiaries Report Impressive Performance and Growth for the 2022 Financial Year at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting

Telin's Subsidiaries Conclude Hybrid Annual General Meetings, Celebrating Robust 2022 Performance and Focused Growth Strategies for the Future." The AGMs showcased Telin's subsidiaries accomplishments in 2022, highlighting achievements in hyperscaler revenue, data services, retail growth, and realigned business strategies, reinforcing prospects for continued sustainable expansion.

28 June 2023

Telin Wins Two Prestigious Awards at Carrier Community Global Awards 2023 : Asia Regional Operator of the Year and CEO of the Year

Telin, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, receives "Asia Regional Operator of the Year" and "CEO of the Year" awards at the Carrier Community Global Awards 2023 in Berlin. The recognition highlights Telin's infrastructure innovation, CEO's leadership, and contributions to digital transformation.

19 June 2023

Telin CEO Reveals Expert Insights on Building Resilient Organizations at Future Forward Indonesia 2023

Telin CEO Budi Satria Dharma Purba discussed the CEO-CHRO partnership's role in building resilient organizations during the Economic Times HRWorld conference. He highlighted collaborative efforts in strategic alignment, talent management, and change management, emphasizing the importance of shared vision and communication for success in an evolving business landscape.

14 June 2023

Telin and Expereo Brings Partnership to Next Level: Unlocking Global Coverage for Telin SD-WAN Solutions

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) has partnered with Expereo, a Global Managed Services provider, to enhance Telin's SD-WAN solution, offering global coverage to customers in 195+ countries. The collaboration combines Telin's expertise with Expereo's network to provide seamless, reliable, and secure SD-WAN services globally.