NeuAPIX AI Omnichannel

NeuAPIX AI Omnichannel

Better manage their user engagement over a variety of communication channels such as sms, voice brodcast, and WhatsApp Business with automation process

Leveraging the Power of AI and Human Intelligence

Manage user engagement across diverse communication channels like SMS, Voice broadcast, and WhatsApp Business through streamlined automation.

AI-Enhanced Omni-Channel Communication

AI-Enhanced Omni-Channel Communication

Reimagine business interactions with NeuAPIX, a combination of AI and human intellect. By seamlessly escalating queries to human agents when necessary, ensuring a holistic approach.

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  • Understand Your Customers through NLU

  • Connect with Customer using Sentiment Recognition

  • Understand Customer Inquiries in Any Language, Anywhere

  • Complete Intent-recognition with Real-Time Solutions

  • Automate Resolution of Customer Queries Across All Channels

Solution Feature

  • Authentically 'Human' Responses, Enhanced by NLP

  • Prepared to Engage Users with AI-Powered Voice and Text

  • Dynamic Learning of NLP Engine which Continuously Improving

  • User Journey Optimization via NLP-Driven Intelligence


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