NeuAPIX Campaign Manager

NeuAPIX Campaign Manager

Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, across channels and in multiple languages

Delivers Messages Globally with Campaign Automation

Empower enterprises, small, and medium businesses to effortlessly enhance user engagement across diverse communication channels by automatic worldwide message delivery.


  • Flexible Sender ID Management

    Customize Sender IDs to suit your preferences, with choices for dynamic (alphanumeric or numeric) and fixed formats. The system can even generate Sender IDs automatically.

  • Tailored Template Customization

    Craft personalized campaigns from inception to execution, including planning, testing, and evaluating final outcomes.

  • Seamless Cross-Channel Communication

    Connect across channels, regardless of language, all from a unified platform equipped with built-in translations.

  • Intelligent Campaign Automation

    Create and automate captivating campaigns with ease, precisely aimed at specific audiences, requiring only a few clicks.

  • User-Centric Approach

    Access an intuitive, white-labeled, real-time dashboard via the web client interface.

Solution Feature

  • 24/7 x 365 Global Message Delivery

    Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, spanning channels and multiple languages.

  • Handset Delivery Reports

    Monitor and analyze vital metrics to enhance your understanding of user intent, improve chat experiences, and bolster goal accomplishment.

  • Impressive 5,000 SMS/Minute Throughput

    Enjoy the capability to send 5,000 SMS per minute.


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