NeuAPIX API Communication

NeuAPIX API Communication

Retrieve your SMS logs instantly through our APIs. Get comprehensive insights, including message direction, status, and timestamps, with ease.

Get a complete tool kits that includes powerful Programmable SMS APIs

Send and receive SMS worldwide for seamless messaging communications effortlessly.


  • Real-Time SMS Insights and Logs

    Real-Time SMS Insights and Logs
Access to detailed SMS logs instantly through our APIs. Gain insight into message direction, status, and timestamps.

  • Delivery Reports at Your Fingertips

    Delivery Reports at Your Fingertips
Monitor SMS campaign performance with ease. Receive up-to-the-moment Delivery Reports for sent SMS messages.

  • Clever SMS Segmentation

    Clever SMS Segmentation
Transmit messages longer than 160 characters without a hitch. Our system automatically segments them, requiring no extra effort.

  • Ingenious Character

    Ingenious Character Encoding
Connect with customers in their preferred language.

  • Bring Your Preferred Carrier (BYOC)

    Bring Your Preferred Carrier (BYOC)
Choose the telco provider company and plan that suits you best for ultimate flexibility and control.

  • Two-Way Messaging Convenience

    Two-Way Messaging Convenience
Access virtual numbers reachable through SMS or Chat VoIP SIP Clients.

Why Choose us

  • Retain Your Telco Infrastructure and Resources (BYOC)

  • Dedicated Cloud Organization within Our PoP

  • Swift App Creation with Visual Designer

  • Expand Services You Already Own through APIs



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