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03 August 2023

Empowering the Digital Future: Telin and Zenlayer Unite for Unrivalled Subsea Cable Services in the Indo-Pacific

Telin and Zenlayer collaborate to enhance subsea cable services in the Asia Pacific, catering to the growing demand for robust connectivity. Their combined expertise and technologies promise to revolutionize digital service delivery and elevate user experiences, ushering in a new era of seamless global connectivity.

02 August 2023

Reasons to Sign up with Telin’s WhatsApp Business.

Telin, an official Telecom WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, empowers businesses with WhatsApp's potential for enhanced customer communication, sales growth, and efficiency improvements. Leveraging Telin's expertise and Meta partnership, enterprises can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp with Telin's advanced CPaaS platform, NeuAPIX, for omnichannel messaging and chatbot functionality.

27 June 2023

The Digital Gold Rush: Southeast Asia's Explosive Growth Ignites Opportunity!

Telin's robust submarine cable system, including IGG-SEA-US, empowers businesses in Southeast Asia with seamless international connectivity, fostering economic growth, global collaboration, and digital transformation. With high-speed, redundant infrastructure, Telin enables businesses to thrive in the region's dynamic digital landscape.

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