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Our business model differs from our competitors. We are offering connectivity as optional rather than part of the services as the most of the CPaaS Service Provider does. We do not sell outright our CPaaS solutions but rather as a service-on-a-usage basis. Here are a few aspects that makes our price structure the most suitable for you.

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NeuAPIX CPaaS. The platform of choice for Delivering Real-Time Communication

Telin NeuAPIX is a Full Stack Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that enables Omni-Channel for Voice, Video, and Messaging that scale On-Premise, Public Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud to bring Localized and regionalized Applications. Our user-friendly NeuAPIX makes it easy to quickly configure and customize your applications via drag and drop to produced APIs for businesses to provide secure and efficient communications by integrating voice, messaging, video, and other technologies across multiple platforms and end points

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Product & Solution

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Programmable SMS

Get a complete tool kit that includes powerful APIs and our easy to use Visual Designer system. Programmatically send and receive SMS globally for your messaging communications.

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Programmable Voice

Build voice applications for any app, website or voice based communications system with the help of our powerful drag and drop Visual Designer or robust Voice APIs.

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Programmable Video

Learn how NeuAPIX provides the communications capabilities for Video Enablement.


Why Telin ?

As the World's leading telecommunication hub, Telin's presence spread across countries in Asia, Australia, Middle East and North America.

Global Footprints

Telin has presence in USA, Middle East, Asia and Australia. This enables us to offer specific and unique solutions, tailored to each market.


As Indonesia's state-owned telecommunication enterprise, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia is the nation's largest telecommunication service provider with customers throughout the country.

Infrastructure and Cable

We continuously develop telecommunication infrastructure that will connect Indonesia with other countries that hold strategic territory area in supporting the business.

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