Smart 2FA for Healthcare

Financial institutions enable 2FA to ensure secure access to banking portals, mobile devices, financial records, and more.

Solution Features

Securing Transactions

As 2FA is language-agnostic and completely programmable, it can be integrated within any mobile or web application. A bank may choose to require 2FA on specific events like sending an international wire when the amount exceeds a specified value or the destination is to a specified country. For example, when the consumer adds a new beneficiary account, the system will trigger a 2FA authentication before the user is able to send money to the new beneficiary.

Empowering Online Payments

A CPaaS-enabled CSP can provide 2FA to any payment gateways to enhance user security and user experience with a couplelines of code. The payment gateways can be global such as PayPal and Stripe or regional.

Security Enhancement for Digital Wallets

2FA is mandatory for digital wallet applications around the globe since digital wallets require maximum security and end-user Verification. With that in mind, a CSP can offer a dedicated 2FA solution targeting digital wallet providers.

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