Smart 2FA for Retail & Online Marketplace

A retail chain or online marketplace may enable 2FA so that customers can log in securely to order goods and services orsave and update their payment information with confidence. By verifying the identity of their buyers and sellers, they can ensure that the other party has been securely authenticated in advance to speed sales.

Solution Features

Loyalty Programs

Smart 2FA helps to verify the user phone number allowing the user to redeem points or gain access to their point balance in real time.

Electronic Receipts

Now, grocers can collect phone numbers from customers to provide electronic receipts and also use that phone number to deliver discounts or coupons and promote store events. Customers can easily review all past purchase receipts by entering their phone number and PIN code received using 2FA.

Expense Tracking

Smart 2FA can be triggered to ensure that accessing digital receipts is only possible when the customers want to do so since for privacy reasons, this data should only be accessible by the customer with strong security measures.

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