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Telin NeuAPIX CPaaS


Our business model differs from our competitors. We are offering connectivity as optional rather than part of the services as the most of the CPaaS Service Provider does. We do not sell outright our CPaaS solutions but rather as a service-on-a-usage basis. Here are a few aspects that makes our price structure the most suitable for you.

  • NeuAPIX rates apply to any mode of product and service consumption: cloud, on-prem, hybrid
  • Rates apply ONLY to traffic passing through the NeuAPIX with RestcommONE software stack.
  • PSTN charges and other interconnection fees may apply separately.
  • TELIN prices service usage in units for each and every SMS IN/OUT, USSD Minutes IN/OUT, Voice Minutes IN/OUT and Video Minutes IN/OUT.
  • TELIN offers volume discounts for buying units at each monthly commitment level.
  • Monthly commitment level sets the minimum monthly payment regardless of utilization.

Your Benefit

Telin NeuApix CPaaS allows organizations of any size to employ integrated real-time communications applications at a fraction of its usual cost and complexity. Enjoy these following benefits and watch your business grow.

  • Get to market quickly with full CPaaS capabilities.
  • Transport carrier agnostic (BYOC)
  • Easy to scale
  • Global Support for Development and Production with Guaranteed SLA. Professional Services – Development, Consulting, & Training
  • Cost Savings over building from scratch full CPaaS capabilities
  • The leading open source platform to develop and deploy WebRTC applications

The NeuAPIX Product

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Programmable SMS

Get a complete tool kit that includes powerful APIs and our easy to use Visual Designer system. Programmatically send and receive SMS globally for your messaging communications.

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Programmable Voice

Build voice applications for any app, website or voice based communications system with the help of our powerful drag and drop Visual Designer or robust Voice APIs.

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Programmable Video

Learn how NeuAPIX provides the communications capabilities for Video Enablement.