• 谁是Telin?

    Telin是PT的缩写。 Telekomunikasi Indonesia International,PT全资拥有的公司。 Telekomunikasi Indonesia,tbk。 (Telkom)是印度尼西亚最大的电信公司,拥有超过160年的业务经验,使其成为电信业务的资深人士。


  • 什么是Telin的核心业务?

    Telin成立为批发电信业务,最近Telin将其业务部门扩展至零售业务。 您可以找到最适合您业务的产品和解决方案,这里

  • Telin目前在哪里?



  • How Telin manages their employees from around the world?

    As part of Telkom, who have standardized the human capital system to be applied in all its subsidiaries, Telin also adapting the system with several adjustment subject to each company's culture and regulations.

    With 12 global offices worldwide, currently Telin occupies 16 nationalities to work in diversity environment. Go to Career page if you are interested to working with us.

  • What is the corporate history of Telin?

    Telin was formerly known as PT. Aria West International (Aria West), a joint venture company with Telkom whose one of its subsidiary, AWI Finance BV, was based in Amsterdam, Netherland. The company was acted as Telkom Group's strategic investment for the international business. Aria West changed its name to PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (previously acknowledge as TII) in March 14th 2007. In 2011, TII went with a new name called Telin that still applies until presently.

    For more details regarding Telin, please go here

  • Where can I get more information about Telin's products in my own country?

    For Telin's product and solution's range please go here

    For products and solutions offered by our subsidiaries, please check this

  • Can you send me a hard copy of your Annual Report?

    Currently, we haven't publish Telin's Annual Report in website. However, should you need the copy, please contact our Corporate Communication team here