About Us

About Us

Connecting businesses worldwide since 2007

Pioneering global businesses’ growth with unmatched connectivity, Telin delivers premium voice, data, and digital solutions tailored to bolster operational ambitions.

Global Connectivity

Building Global Connectivity

Experience reliable connectivity with us. Our vast network spans over 250,000km covering key cable systems, 58 points of presence, 10 global offices, and 19 data centers across strategic locations. Your business stays connected with us.

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Join Us in Enabling Digital Businesses

Be part of our journey to connect the world. You’ll be part of a dynamic team and environment that nurtures you to thrive in a digital age.


Our Sustainable Development Goals

Connecting sustainably, empowering lives, bridging gaps for positive change. Here are our sustainability goals.
  • Universal Access and Connectivity

    We seek to ensure that everyone, everywhere has the chance to be a part of the digital world.

  • Powering Tomorrow’s Solutions

    Our aim is to advance sustainable progress through technology, energizing a brighter and more interconnected future.

  • Fostering Equality

    We strive to cultivate a world of equality that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusive growth.

  • Partnerships for Impact

    We work with diverse stakeholders, including governments and NGOs, to amplify our impact and achieve our shared sustainability goals.

  • Advocating Responsible Technology Use

    We use technology responsibly and stand strong in advocating its responsible application, ensuring robust cybersecurity and safeguarding data privacy.

  • Nurturing Growth Through Learning

    We empower individual talents with knowledge, skills and resources, guiding them on their paths to success

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