TNeX: Revolutionizing Global Connectivity

The Pioneer of Layer 1 & 2 Digital Global Connectivity Platform in the World, to Connect Global Data Centre Closer

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This is is the time for empowering connectivity in the digital age

Overcoming Challenges for Seamless Connectivity

In today`s digital era, businesses face challenge of coping with time-consuming link activations and rigid contracts, while customers demand instant connectivity and the flexibility to adapt to their ever-changing needs.


Long RFS period (timely activation process) that could impede your market entry strategy


Inflexible bandwidth (only a few bandwidth options) to effectively meet your needs


Rigid contract period contract periods may not align with your on-demand requirements


Lack of visibility to monitor the pre and post sales process real time

Values For You

  • Faster Deployment

  • Stay Agile & Competitive in the Market

  • Simple (single platform for as one stop solution)

  • Cost efficient

Our Features

In today`s fast-paced and intricate digital realm, we comprehend the value of simplicity and rapidity in optimizing your business operations. With TNeX, our groundbreaking digital platform, we revolutionize the process of purchasing and establishing connectivity products to empower your seamless journey.

Instant Provisioning (<1 hour)

Experience the power of instant provisioning as TNeX provides your link activation within a single business day

On-demand Bandwidth

Customize bandwidth for maximum business flexibility. Fuel your growth with responsive connectivity that doesn't sacrifice performance or quality.

Flexible Contract Period

TNeX offers a flexible contract period starting from a day, a month, up until a year basis.

Our Products

TNeX Wave

Get a resilient, a low-latency point-to-point Layer-1 connectivity to and from APAC regions to connect your business with the rest of the world. Ensure the reliability of your real-time, mission-critical applications with dedicated Layer-1 international bandwidth and our 24/7 Network Management Team that keeps your network running smoothly day after day.

TNeX Link

Instantly connect your data center, public, or private clouds through the Layer-2 connectivity with the ability to optimize your scalability needs (adjustable bandwidth) and flexibility in the contract period.

How TNeX Works

How TNeX Works

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  • Choose your product

  • Get the payment completed

  • Your order is ready instantly

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