Rest Assured, Telin Group Kept the Network and Infrastructure Secure during the Christmas and New Year Festive Season

TelkomGroup has launched Christmas and New Year 2023 (NARU) activities to ensure telecommunication infrastructure safety and optimal functioning. With 90 main posts and over 19,000 personnel, Telin has established 13 NARU posts worldwide. The event aims to increase revenue and promote a "spartan" work ethic among Teliners.

Rest Assured, Telin Group Kept the Network and Infrastructure Secure during the Christmas and New Year Festive Season

Jakarta, 29 December 2022 – There’s something about Christmas and New Year season that brings people together, families, friends and colleagues. We understand that most people want to spend the season with the loved ones. They’ll also make an extra effort to reach out, whether in person or through calls and text messages.

Thus, to anticipate any expected surge in traffic, TelkomGroup officially kicked off Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 (NARU) activities to ensure that all telecommunication infrastructures and services remain in the top condition through an annual program called SIAGA NARU.

This year, TelkomGroup prepared 90 main posts consisting of national, regional, subsidiary, and divisional posts as well as regular posts, which are supported by more than 19,000 personnel.

The Board of Executive TelkomGroup visited  NARU posts to monitor the network readiness and to boost the spirit of the frontliners who are on standby to keep all TelkomGroup infrastructure functioning optimally. Acting as CEO TelkomGroup, CFO Heri Supriadi  together with the TelkomGroup Board of Executives, conducted a visit to regional and subsidiaries’ posts located on Thursday, December 29th, 2022.

Representing TelkomGroup Board of Executive, CEO CFU WIB Bogi Witjaksono joined from Telin World Hub Operation Command Center (WHOCC) accompanied by Telin CEO Budi Satria Dharma Purba (Busat), Telin CFRMO Doni Andriansyah, Telin CCO Kharisma, Telin SVP GDSO Telin Suharyoto and Senior Leaders from the Telin Directorate  of Technology.

Bogi delivered his report by overviewing CFU WIB’s readiness to secure network and services during NARU period. “For the SIAGA NARU period, our posts are standby 7 days and 24 hours, not only in Indonesia but also in our global offices. We make sure our network and infrastructure are safe and under control. The condition of the gateways in both Batam and Manado is also well monitored.”

Afterwards, Bogi also reviewed Telin Group’s NARU posts. Suharyoto, representing Telin SIAGA NARU Post, delivered his reports. To secure Telin’s network and infrastructure all over the world, Telin has established a total of 13 NARU posts, consisting of 1 main post located at WHOCC Jakarta, 5 posts in at the Network Area Indonesia (Jakarta, Batam, Dumai, Surabaya, Manado) and 7 at Telin’s Global Offices (Timor Leste, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, and Myanmar). Aside from monitoring all the network and infrastructure to secure the customer needs during this period, Telin also utilized the NARU period to increase the revenue and share happiness with others.

Towards the end of the event, Bogi left a digital message, “Let’s maintain a “spartan” work ethic and adopt a never give up mindset for all Teliners. I wish you well with your work, and may 2023 bring you more success!