Telin's Visionary Approach to Expanding Digital Connectivity

Telin, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, is expanding its global infrastructure to support Telkom Group's growth strategy and solidify Indonesia's position as a hub for digital connectivity.

Telin's Visionary Approach to Expanding Digital Connectivity

Jakarta, Indonesia - September 19, 2023 - In an era defined by the relentless pursuit of digital innovation and global connectivity, Telin, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom), remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding its global infrastructure. With the goal of supporting Telkom Group's growth strategy and solidifying Indonesia's position as a hub for digital connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region, Telin is actively cultivating digital infrastructure and platforms, catalyzing the evolution of the digital ecosystem.

Telin's Vision for Asia-Pacific Digital Infrastructure and Platforms

Telin has unveiled its vision to emerge as the preferred digital infrastructure and platform partner for Enterprise and Hyperscaler Growth in the Asia-Pacific region. This vision aligns seamlessly with the mission to establish Indonesia as a Leading Interconnection Hub for the Indo-Pacific region, acting as the preferred partner for carriers, hyperscalers, and global enterprises.

Telin's Extensive Global Infrastructure

At the core of Telin's global expansion is its vast submarine cable network, a complex web of connectivity spanning an impressive 250,140 kilometers. This network serves as the focal point of Telin's international expansion strategy, seamlessly connecting Indonesia to the world through a network of underwater internet cables.

Telin is an active member of multiple submarine cable consortiums, including Thailand-Indonesia-Singapore (TIS), two routes of Batam-Singapore (BSCS), Dumai-Melaka (DMCS), Asia-America Gateway (AAG), Southeast Asia-Japan (SJC), Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5), Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US), and Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG). These connections link major Indonesian cities with key destinations across Asia, Europe, and the United States. IGG, in particular, provides an express link between the SEA-ME-WE 5 and SEA-US cable systems.

Furthermore, Telin operates and holds rights of use for fiber optic infrastructure totaling 134,040 kilometers through long-term telecommunication lease agreements with global submarine cable operators and consortiums. In 2020, Telin along with Southeast Asia-Japan Cable 2 (SJC2) consortium initiated the deploying of 10,500 kilometers of submarine cable laid in intra-Asia.

Telin's dedication to technological excellence is exemplified by its use of open cable technology across all its submarine cables to optimize capacity usage. Moreover, fiber-level ownership ensures guaranteed bandwidth for each member of the cable consortium. Telin's control center operates around the clock, offering continuous monitoring and support for the submarine cable network.

Involvement Telin in Global Subsea Community

Over the span of 16 years, Telin has played an active and integral role within the Global Subsea Community, marking a significant chapter in our company's journey. We have enthusiastically participated in various renowned subsea networking platforms, including the esteemed Submarine Network World, both in the Asian region and across other continents.

Our longstanding commitment to these communities has been exemplified by our consistent presence as esteemed panelists at their events. This continued engagement has allowed us to foster meaningful connections and forge strong relationships with fellow members of prestigious subsea consortiums.

As Telin has delved deeper into these global subsea networks, we've not only gained invaluable insights into the latest industry trends but have also contributed our expertise to discussions that shape the future of undersea telecommunications. Our active participation has positioned us at the forefront of innovations, ensuring that we remain agile and well-prepared to meet the ever-evolving demands of the subsea communication landscape.

Through our involvement, we have not only expanded our network of industry peers but have also solidified our commitment to enhancing connectivity on a global scale. Telin's contributions within these global subsea communities go beyond networking; they underscore our dedication to advancing the capabilities and reliability of subsea infrastructure, ultimately benefiting our customers and partners worldwide.

As we look ahead to the future, Telin remains steadfast in its role as an active and influential member of the Global Subsea Community, driving forward the initiatives that will shape the next era of undersea connectivity.

Future Initiatives and Projects: Shaping the Future of Connectivity

The company has embarked on several on-going projects to redefine digital connectivity. In 2021, Telin initiated the construction of a groundbreaking 15,000-kilometer submarine cable with the Bifrost Cable System consortium, connecting Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States. This cable system is expected to be in service by 2024.

In 2022, Telin joined the SEA-ME-WE-6 cable consortium, embarking on the creation of a 19,200-kilometer cable system connecting Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Expected to be ready in 2025, SEA-ME-WE 6 will provide unrivaled diversity and resilience for the burgeoning traffic between Asia and Europe, boasting an impressive capacity exceeding 100 terabytes per second. Furthermore, this cable system will offer one of the lowest latencies available in this critical route.

As part of our unwavering commitment to advancing digital connectivity in Indonesia, we are embarking on a groundbreaking journey that will see the development of seven innovative systems designed to connect Indonesia with the global digital landscape. These systems represent a significant leap forward in our mission to bridge geographical boundaries, enhance communication networks, and facilitate seamless digital interactions between Indonesia and the rest of the world.

With ultra-low latency, unique routes, and direct data center-to-data center access, this solidifies Telin's standing as a significant player in the global digital infrastructure landscape. We call this subsea cable initiative, Indonesia Cable Express (ICE).

The first ICE system, in this ambitious initiative is the project connecting Malaysia, Singapore and Batam. This inaugural system is a testament to our dedication to realizing our vision of a digitally connected Indonesia that is at the forefront of the global digital revolution. The Indonesia Cable Express (ICE) System 1, is a technological marvel that will redefine the way Indonesia interacts with its neighboring countries, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as the strategically located island of Batam. This system which consist of 7 integrated systems, is not just about connecting dots on the map; it's about revolutionizing the way data is transmitted, empowering businesses, and enabling individuals to access digital resources with unprecedented speed and reliability.

These upcoming ICE systems represent more than just technological infrastructure; they embody our commitment to fostering international collaboration, supporting economic growth, and ensuring that Indonesia remains at the forefront of the global digital age. Through these systems, we are not only expanding connectivity but also opening doors to a world of possibilities for businesses, communities, and individuals alike.

In the coming months and years, we will eagerly share more details about each of these systems, their features, and the transformative impact they are poised to make on Indonesia's digital future. As we continue to work diligently to advance digital connectivity, we invite you to stay engaged and be a part of this exciting journey into the future of digital Indonesia.

Stay tuned for further details on this transformative project that underscores Telin's unwavering commitment to shaping the global digital infrastructure landscape. For inquiries or additional information, please contact