01 June 2023

Telin Become a Telecom WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)

Telin becomes a Telecom WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). As such, Telin will now be listed in Meta's directory of BSP.

02 May 2023

Telin Shared Happiness during Ramadhan 2023

Telin exemplifies corporate responsibility during Ramadan by supporting local and international communities, fostering education and digital literacy. Through a series of charitable events, Telin's commitment to making a positive impact and giving back is showcased across multiple locations

11 April 2023

Getting The Opportunity to become Global Employee

Telin, in collaboration with Telkom and the Indonesian Human Capital Forum, successfully attracted 4,536 applicants for a rigorous selection process, ultimately welcoming nine outstanding individuals to join its team across various strategic roles." "These new recruits will undergo a comprehensive one-month orientation and character-building program, fostering their integration into Telin's workforce, supported by a symbolic inauguration ceremony led by Bapak Arif Rudiana from Telkom Corporate University

20 March 2023

Telin's Commitment to Talent and People Development Recognized at the 12th Anugerah BUMN 2023 Awards

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) receives two awards at the 12th Anugerah BUMN 2023: "Best Company in Talent and People Development" and CEO Budi Satria Dharma Purba as "Best CEO in Talent and People Development." Telin's commitment to global talent growth and strategic programs stood out among 104 SOEs.

09 March 2023

Telin and TelecomsXChange (TCXC) Collaborate to Accelerate Digital Connectivity in Asia-Pacific and Beyond

Telin and TCXC form a strategic partnership at Capacity Middle East 2023, enhancing Telin's Carrier-Neutral Digital Marketplace, NeuTrafiX, to accelerate digital connectivity and innovation in the telecommunications wholesale industry." "Combining Telin's extensive global infrastructure with TCXC's advanced digital transformation solutions, the collaboration aims to address industry challenges and empower communication service providers with dependable, cutting-edge solutions."

17 January 2023

Telin and OneQode Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Connectivity in Singapore, Indonesia, Guam & Australia

"Telin and OneQode join forces in a strategic partnership to expand colocation and connectivity services across Singapore, Indonesia, Guam, and Australia. This collaboration leverages Telin's international telecom expertise and OneQode's infrastructure capabilities, advancing digital connectivity and meeting the growing demands of the Asia-Pacific region." "Telin's CEO, Budi Satria Dharma Purba, and OneQode's CEO, Matthew Shearing, herald the partnership's potential to enhance customer experiences, empower Indonesian startups, and foster global connections."