06 September 2023

Telin and NetIX Unveil a Strategic Partnership to Bolster their Presence in Global Markets

The telecommunications operators will explore the potential partnership on backbone and other network infrastructure projects making best use of each other's networks.

06 September 2023

TNeX : Revolutionizing Global Connectivity

Telin, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, has launched the Telin NeXt Gen Platform (TNeX), a digital platform that enables global data center connectivity. This move is part of Telkom's Five Bold Moves strategy, focusing on FMC, InfraCo, and Data Centre Co. TNeX offers fast deployment, flexibility, scalability, and availability.

23 August 2023

CCO TALKS : Improving Customer Experience Through Digital Automatio

Explore the transformative potential of Digital Automation discussed in Telin's CCO Talks 2023, where industry leaders highlight its efficiency, cost-saving benefits, and the positive impact on employee morale. This innovative approach is reshaping business operations and customer experiences through standardized service and advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning

16 August 2023

Investor Visit by BCA Securities and BP JAMSOSTEK to Telin Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Kauditan, Manado, North Sulawesi

Telin showcased its pivotal role as Telkom's international subsidiary during a visit by BCA Securities and BP JAMSOSTEK representatives to their Cable Landing Station and NeuCentrix facilities. The event reinforced investor confidence in Telin's global connectivity efforts, fostering stronger partnerships for advancing digital economies domestically and worldwide.

11 August 2023

Telin and APIDT Unveil Bold Partnership Focused on Transforming Telecom Infrastructure supporting Education Sector in Indonesia and Asia Pacific Region

Telin and APIDT have signed a groundbreaking MoU, paving the way for a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing global connectivity through submarine cable investments and advanced services. This collaboration holds the potential to revolutionize data transmission, fostering rapid digital transformation and positioning Indonesia as a key player in high-speed data delivery.

02 August 2023

Telin Takes Part in Supporting UNICEF Efforts to Improve Children's Lives through Enhanced Customer Surveys

Telin and its partners have taken philanthropy to a new level by collaborating on a customer survey-driven donation initiative benefiting UNICEF. Through this collective effort, involving prominent companies like Amazon Web Services and Google, they aim to create a lasting positive impact on children's lives, reinforcing their commitment to social responsibility in Indonesia.